Bartlebee is absolute HEAVEN. I had previously gotten Murray and struggled to take the knot. I tried and tried for weeks to take it, but no luck. Bartlebee is much thicker in terms of the shaft, but the knot has a smaller diameter, so I thought I'd give it a go. The thicker shaft is SO nice, but I still struggled with it for a long time, but it still felt SO good. After weeks of trying them both, I FINALLY was able to get the knot in with Bartlebee, and oh my. After finally getting Bartlebee's knot, and a lot of practice with both, I was able to take Murray's knot, too, which was also incredible. Though Murray's knot is definitely bigger in terms of circumference, at this point, Bartlebee is my favorite and #1 go-to. The thicker shaft is delicious, and though smaller in circumference, the WIDTH of the knot is what makes Bartlebee absolutely amazing. It stretches my limits in terms of width in a way that makes the pullout excruciatingly exquisite. They are both indispensible in my "self love" routine, but Bartlebee will always make me moan the hardest of the two. Can't wait to get my greedy little paws (and hole) on Moose next...IF I can manage to take his knot, too, which I really hope to do eventually. 11/10!
Date Added: 10/01/2023 by Jason J.