Yacuruna Large


Male user here.
Coloration: Pot O’ Gold (St. Patrick’s Day color)
Firmness: Hard

Quick rundown: the tapered tip makes for pretty easy entry, though the width is where all the action is. The various and plentiful textures offer a variety of sensations, along with the unique, flattened shape on the upper side of this toy. The thinner, lower portions tend to fold on itself.

I initially looked to this toy as a step up from my current selection and certainly got enough of that step-up. The tapered tip is good for easing up to this toy, but it does widen quite quickly, so it needs a bit of warming up before I would go for this beast, especially the large size. I got this toy in hard firmness with the expectation of some potential p-spot play, which it does plenty well enough. The curvature and broad areas seem to make this toy particularly effective at pinpointing pressure.

The textures are also quite pronounced, adding to a whole host of bumpy sensations, adding to the multitude of various shapes and concave features that give the Yacuruna is aquatic-life appearance. Thematically, it’s also just interesting to look at! Even the bottom of this toy has quite a bundle of details that went for a touch of sci-fi realism (or at least, I believe so) between the fleshy folds and scaled base.

As a recommendation here, I would likely advise going against my choice of getting this toy in hard firmness. I chose hard firmness to avoid excessive flopping, which did help in that regard, but made for a bit of a rough ride. I hemmed and hawed at which firmness to go for, and my final choice was not the greatest! The size and girth of this toy are better suited for medium and soft, most assuredly. The thinner part of the lower shaft makes this toy quite top heavy, so expect plenty of floppiness and give at that point when going for a softer firmness.

This is where I felt that this toy may need a little work; even in hard firmness, it likes to slump at that thinner part. To specify: the small portion between the fleshy folds on the base, and where the shaft begins to widen, is a fairly thin cylinder compared to the remainder of the upper portion of the toy. My best estimation is that the underside of the toy (where one can see linear column of concave dimples) needs a bit more structure. This toy in large likes to fold on itself while attempting to wiggle it in.
Date Added: 06/17/2021 by Ryan R.