I bought a Bernard in size large and soft firmness, and while I have no real complaints, I do have some advice for anyone wanting to use this toy for anal play! First of all, if you get a size large like I did, do NOT try to take this boys knot if you haven't warmed up to a diameter of at least 3.5 inches beforehand. And more importantly, not until you've warmed up taking something deeper than 11 inches! I can knot mine, but only briefly as it's slightly painful to take something as wide as his shaft that deep, and that's in soft! Internal injuries are no joke, be careful out there! Aside from that, his shape is absolutely wonderful. the shaft alone feels amazing sliding in and out, you can feel all the veins and imperfections, and it's quite long as well (which is what makes anal a bit tricky) that being said, if you're just looking for something with a bigger knot rather than a longer shaft, I suggest going for Moose instead, especially for anal!
Date Added: 09/21/2023 by Gimme F.