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Man best friend ? At least, my very well hung (large) Bernard is my new sweet faithful lover and by far the greatest fucker I've ever had.

I also own a large Buck, Silver and Charlie (all from EE).

I’d give the following ratings for large Bernard/medium firmness/custom realistic coloring + suction cup (price paid - 190$):

Color: 8/10 – I ordered a realistic pink/red/grey custom color. While the split-fade isn’t perfect, it’s still very good work from EE and way better that everything I've seen elsewhere. They made a very good job with the veins on the shaft. The colors I’ve chosen were also perfectly rendered.

Shape/details: 9/10 – Bernard is a gorgeous lifecast. I love the curvature after the knot and the slightly curved shaft that make it dangle down a bit when held by the base.

The knot is what I like the most, it’s superb. It is very large (10 cm./3.9 in., 1.5x larger than thick), smooth and has a large vein at it’s base. If you are a big swollen knot lover, you will adore it.

Texture: 8.5/10 – Bernard is made of silicone (like any premium quality toy). It is non-porous material, phtalate-free, resilient, body-safe and can be cleaned and sanitized easily (so you can share or resell it).

Bernard has a little human skin feeling and isn’t rubberish at all. It’s smooth and slides very well, a little better than other manufacturer’s toys I own. The slightly uneven surface gives it more realism and makes it sweet to give oral caresses.

Firmess: 8/10 - Medium is a little too firm in my opinion but still excellent. It’s a matter of taste anyway. Because of it’s thickness, the knot is quite hard.

I’d say that the “hard” firmness is for people who really know it’s what they want. Medium firmness should be fine for most people.

Usability/feeling: 9/10 – Bernard [Large] is a very big toy (30cm./11.8 in. without the base) so you have to get a little used to its size, but also its shape and weight (825gr./1.82 lb.). It’s amazing when grabbed at the base of its lovely knot while caressing it gently to show him your gratitude. The slightly curved shaft give better sensations than straighter toys and allows different uses depending the zone you want to stimulate. The shaft is quite long (17.5cm./8.9 in.) so it can be a little challenging if you wanna get tickled by its monster knot.

If knotplay is an absolute need for you and you cannot go so deep, consider your purchase wisely. As said previously, Bernard is very pleasant to caress, kiss, lick or suck.

I haven’t use the suction cup much, but when I tried it, it seemed strong enough and able to hold the toy. It is hidden in the toy’s base so it does not ruin its aesthetic. Because it’s only 5$ extra, it’s a nice to have option I'd say, even if you are not planning to use it very often (or even at all).

Average: 8.5/10


Free bag: I don’t like it much. It’s made of synthetic and cause electrostatic charges. It also creates small sparkling of tissue that will cover the dildo which is a little annoying. Sure it is free and not many companies provide a free bag with their (expensive) toys, but I’d have preferred paying 5-10$ for a better storage bag.

All in all, Bernard is toy I’ve been searching for years. I wanted something very large, with a big knot and realistic, Bernard is all that. It’s visually shocking, obscene and gorgeous all in one, of very good quality and great to use.

I recommend the large size as it is even more appealing to the eyes and you’ll feel every inch of it for sure. Of course it’s pricey but it’s worth the cost. Large size custom premium dildos never cost less than 150-200$ anyway so 190$ is perfectly acceptable. It’s the cost for quality but also for owning a unique toy, made by you and just for you.

As an European buyer, I must admit however that when you add the shipping costs and custom fees, it wasn’t exactly cheap. In spite of its price Bernard was for me an excellent purchase because it’s exactly the toy I wanted.

I’d give the following advice for buyers:

- Choose firmness wisely, split firmness are possible.
- Discuss with the team for your dream color pattern, provide example or pics/drawings.
- Consider it’s long shaft for knotplay but also that using the shaft alone is very satisfying.
- Once you own it, give him love and tenderness !


- That knot !
- Realism
- Huge
- Smooth texture
- Great sensations


- Can be challenging for knotplay
- (storage bag isn’t great)
Date Added: 05/03/2021 by brice