The Giraffe Large


I bought this during one of their special color runs and they were so helpful and accommodating when i decided to change from soft to medium. The packaging was discreet and the bag sized for the toy perfectly :) Being able to finally take this fully was so satisfying and the beginning knots were perfect enough on their own that you don’t have to take it fully to enjoy what it can do. But the lowest usable end is such a good stretch without it being a knot so its amazing to strive for full use for this one. It was always my wishlist to get this and it has not disappointed since i got it :) Definitely looking to get an XL version now. Its stands by itself fine with the firmness i got and that's thanks to the balls in my opinion, they are pretty prevalent here and that's great :) it does a great job stabilizing it in one direction but when riding if you want to twist it in a different position, it is prone to tipping over during the ride.
Date Added: 02/03/2023 by Carlos P.