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SubWoofer Large


The design on this toy is great! And it isn't just for looks, it can give quite the sensation during use. The knot has a way of pulling itself in after you clear the ridge on it and hits all the right spots doing it.
But the ridge there at the top of the knot is almost too much. It can become frustrating trying to work your way passed it so I can't recommend this as a "size up" toy, you should prob get it in a size you're already mostly comfortable with.
The pic shows the "tarnish" spots as having a turquoise coloration, much like real brass tarnish, but the one I got is more light blue, making it look less like tarnish and more like just a marble pattern. Still pretty, but kind of...unimmersive I guess?
Overall, a great toy that felt amazing to look at and use but may be more challenging than most toys of the same size.
Date Added: 07/14/2018 by Matthew