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Werehorse Flared Medium


The design is great, I love the options to mix two of the most popular "shapes". Be wary not to make my mistake, not only did I accidentally order a medium when I meant to order a small, I also opted for the flared option. The flare, while an excellent feature of the equine design, is not ideal for initial insertion. If you're new to fantasy toys beware the difficulty of insertion. If I had one piece of feedback I would say it might be neat to go all in on the different designs and also add the medial ring seen in some equine designs, in addition to the knot. [Ed. note: The Werehorse already features a medial ring above the knot] I will echo the comments of another review saying stability is a bit annoying with such a long, flexible shaft; but isn't anything that can't be worked around - especially if the above warning is heeded. I prefer a bit of stability issues over any level of comfort issues, and the firmness (I opted for default medium) is great for that.
Date Added: 11/04/2021 by Owen L.