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Werehorse Flared Mini


A truly fantastic toy! I got mine in Hard firmness as a Single Surprise, which turned out to be something like a fluorescent red/orange. Processing and shipping time were quick, and it arrived within two weeks of placing the order. The included toy bag is a nice touch.

My experience is only for rear use, although my partner says she enjoys it a lot for frontal use as well. Mini flared werehorse is incredibly dynamic and makes the few other fantasy toys I have (from other makers) feel very one-dimensional. I think a lot of this is due to the fantastic texture, which, although it felt a little rough at first, is ultimately very addicting, and makes the toy come alive, so to speak. The flared head is exciting, slightly challenging and ultimately delightful, and rubs the prostate very nicely. The half of the toy above the knot is enough fun on its own, but of course, the knot takes things to another level. Because of the narrow base, the toy can be a little squirely during insertion of the knot, sometimes requiring two hands for maneuvering; as such I'm very happy I chose the Hard firmness.

Summary:This is a dynamic, delightful, high quality toy for a great price.
Date Added: 04/22/2020 by N.