Furantur Medium


Received today along with my order of minis. As a first time buyer, I think the experience went well and smoothly. Wait time and turnaround was pretty quick as well, better than some other shops. The item was sent in a sturdy box, no bubble wrap, and everything silicone was more or less in sealed plastic. Not sure why, but a part of me assumed that the included storage bag would be stamped with the EE name, but it came blank, which is probably for the best if you want discretion like I do. I also like that the seller offered ways to earn discounts and credits by leaving reviews. I personally favor this method of discount offers because i don't have to rope in a friend to purchase.

Went with the all blood red color over the special (because i was a first time buyer) and ordered the model in soft, especially for a toy that's all girth. (Also wary of some med because they can be rather firm) Blood red was a great choice, it fits the theme if you want to cheap out on a special color like me. Was pleasantly surprised by the texture on the model, and it was noticeable even when in use. (Mainly the muscle parts) Some toys with visual textures are nothing but smooth when in use, or the textures are overwhelming, this one was balanced, I'd say. I also liked that the base was so small. Well, not super small, but I also use swells for medical reasons and leave em in before appointments. The small base is easier to have in underwear. Negatives? ATM, none i think. Maybe a slightly wobbily shaft? If split shaft pours are ever an option (i can't remember if it is), id really like to get a custom one where the shaft is medium or firm, but its not super needed. [Ed. note: It is!] Im not into riding, and just some light thrusts were enough for someone who likes swells, like me. TLDR: good if you like swells and subtle texture. Might need a boil more than usual because of the bone side details needing more attention.
Date Added: 10/20/2023 by KAY S.