This just came in for me a few days ago, a nice (unintentional) christmas present for myself. The covert return address on the shipping label was also nice so all my roommates didn't know I ordered a sex toy. I had been wanting a dildo for a while now, I just didn't want your standard boring one, and with experimenting with anal earlier, I know I LOVE the feeling of THICK things going inside me, though I'm not a big fan of the stretching and swelling that comes with it afterwards, so, without even knowing I wanted a dog dildo, I knew I wanted a longer toy that wasn't too thick, BUT had the option to go SUPER THICK if I wanted to. Enter my introduction to canine dildos. Needless to say this was EXACTLY what I was looking for, I can ride or use it by hand, and If I'm feeling adventurous, I can take the knot. Funny story, I hadn't done anal in a couple years and was just now getting back into it and got a little cocky. I thought I could handle a foot with huge girth! So when it came in and was smaller than expected, I got a little disappointed. Of course I looked at the dimensions, but I didn't really grasp the size of it based off measurements alone. When I used it though, it was a completely different story. This thing destroyed me on my first use. and the knot? might as well forget about it. Once I adjusted though and have since used it multiple times, it's well, WELL worth it. The length is perfect for just getting that bit of stimulation, the knot is JUST the right size that you almost don't think it's going to fit, but then it does, and then you have to figure out how you're getting it out, lol. One selling point I was really looking for in this toy was the disparity between the shaft and the knot, which has proved exactly as I had hoped. The knot is large enough that it's almost separate from the rest of the toy, yet also not big enough that it's like a second base or you completely forget about it. You can enjoy it by itself without an overwhelming presence inside you, ignore it altogether and just use it as a handhold, or take the toy in it's entirety and just treat the knot like an extra treat when you slide down on it. The suction cup was a HUGE surprise. Maybe I'm just uncultured on sex toys, but the BUILT IN suction cup was a huge surprise and a welcome one too. I was expecting some cheap double sided suction cup that you just stick on the base of the toy, but it actually changed the shape of the toy. Not to mention how well the suction cup works. It's a great handhold for various positions, or you can just suction it onto any relatively flat surface and go to town. Maybe I just have big hands, but my favorite discovery with the suction cup was that you can just suction it to your hand and then without even having to grip, slide it in and out. I've had underwhelming performances from suction cups in the past, so this was GREATLY welcome. even though my walls have some rough bumps on them, I can still suction to them without having to move to the bathroom for something more smooth like tile. Convenience goes a LONG way with this product. I can't speak much on the firmness, cause I haven't experimented much with other firmness's on toys, but I ordered medium, and I'll say I was surprised how firm it really way. Not quite eraser firmness, but close. I assume the knot's always going to be stout no matter what firmness you pick, but the shaft was still pretty hard in and of itself. If the toy was any longer, I might prefer soft firmness just so it can worm around tight corners (inside of course), but as it stands, medium still bends and flexes more than you'd expect to great success. You can suction it to a wall and almost ride it parallel to that wall simply because of how the toy bends and flexes... mostly at the base or right before the knot, but still. For anal in particular, it's a nice "feature". It also makes picking the "wrong" spot when you suction it to a wall more forgiving so you can focus more on getting off than picking the optimal riding spot. As much as I tangent, on the product itself, it's perfect for what I was not only expecting, but what I wanted as well. My only qualms would be maybe more length on the shaft, yet any longer would invalidate the knot's impact I feel like, plus that just feels like a different toy altogether. of course with a lifecast anyway you can't really "pick" the shape of it.

All I can really add is it accomplished exactly what I hoped it would, and the quality really goes without saying. For my first insertion toy, I can't really get a good read, but on sex toys in general, it's not only high quality, but convenient. I mean "dishwasher safe"? are you kidding me. It's waaaay more convenient than other toys I use with all their "caution, don't put next to blank" etc etc. If I had to sum the toy up in one word, it'd be "convenient". It's small enough that it's not an event just getting it in, but big enough you still want to spend your time sticking it in to begin with. The knot is an event in and of itself. It's just really a convenient well designed toy, even outside of the lifecast itself, the suction cup, firmness, and bag it comes with all make it incredibly accessible and easy to use. If I really wanted to stretch my ass, I'd have ordered a horse dildo, but for my needs and what I enjoy in anal, this was perfect. Needless to say, next time I'm ordering a dildo, I'm coming here first. no need to roll the dice on some commercialized, generic stuff when I can get personalized, custom, quality, unique toys here.

tl;dr, a lot in a small package. first timer's beware, it hits the ground running with it's girth and knot, but if you can stick around and get it all the way in, it's well worth your while. medium firmness worked fine for me. Do yourself a favor and get the built in suction cup too, I can't imagine where I'd be without it.
Date Added: 12/26/2022 by Matthew C.