Review of the "Murray" dildo.

Color: I requested a custom coloring which is not easy to obtain. The result offered by the EE is optimal and very realistic.

Firmness: I chose medium firmness, thanks to the excellent advice from Customer Service. The intermediate firmness is very pleasant to the touch, ideal for obtaining a toy that can stand on its own (even without a suction cup).

Texture: The best part about this dildo is its realistic texture. No toy can compete with the realism of a lifecast of this level.
Silicone: Many toys have a too sticky and shiny, unrealistic finish. "Murray", like other E.E. products, has very little tack and a matte finish that enhances the natural textures of the cast.
Customer Service: Customer service is one of the best ever. Kind, competent, honest, affable and quick, they would deserve the maximum score on their own.
Date Added: 03/04/2022 by anonymous