Elephant Trunk Large


I'm a 6'~ male, and I got a medium/L from the Spring Sale. I have a soft/L Orca that I've taken to the base before, so in comparing diameter/circumference, I figured this may be something I can start slowly, and eventually take more of. In medium firmness, I'm not sure how that's gonna go. Even after a decent warmup, this toy is a *tough* customer to work in. Riding the toy was the only way I was able to get it in, and even after insertion and then lying down with it still left it quite tough to maneuver with. I think it'd be far more manageable in soft firmness, or else down to a medium size. But medium firmness/Large seems quite insurmountable, and I'm honestly worried this might've been a mistake. I would recommend a different toy, even for *seasoned* veterans. The opening in the nose also needs heavily cleaned out after use. It's a literal cup at the end, and it fills with every fluid you have back there. Little gross imo, but I figured on that going in to this toy. All that said, solid construction, and it free stands. But even as someone playing with toys for over a decade, this is a new level, and one I'm not sure I can get to and still feel pleasure from.
Date Added: 09/26/2023 by Stanley M.