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Cody Medium


This is my second custom colored Cody and the fifth in my small stable of "horses."
Like the others, while made from the same mold, its unique to the rest, the silicon is so smooth, almost silk like, feels good to the touch and well, other places too. The blue of the shaft and grey sheath really make the little details stand out, every wrinkle on the sheath, every vein, ridge on the shaft are well cast, the glans and urethra are very detailed.
I got this in the medium softness which makes it easy to slip and "ride" for as long as one wishes, warm it in some hotish water and it feels even better, although it will get warm from use. Every I use it, which is nearly every day, it gives me a little stretch back there, then seems to just glide in AND hit that sweet spot every time, even when I get a little more adventurous and take "Cody" to the sheath, after that medial ring pops in, I know Im in for a good horsey ride.

Overall, this is a very well made toy, both in looks and well, you know, definitely worth the money and albeit short bit of extra time it takes to cast and be sent, highly recommended!

[Ed. note: We are reprinting many of our older models at higher quality, and Cody Medium is one of these, hence the smoother feel. Glad you enjoy it!]
Date Added: 06/11/2021 by Brad S.