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okay I really do love this thing. Henry is a really big and thick toy. his head for the current model I have (purchased 2019) was kind of flat around the edges and with medium firmness I could feel the position of the head inside me while this was a slight down side I don’t mind it all too much. Before I had this guy in my life I had XL Chance both flared and unflared. I managed to hilt both of them, then when I got Henry I took him down to the medial ring so if you’re looking for a bigger toy to switch to Henry or Jackson might be the guys you want, if you were looking for some real texture to your toy these are also the toys to get. I would really love if EE came out with flared versions of these toys I would definitely love to tame the ‘wild’ side of this stallion.
Date Added: 12/29/2019 by ALEX