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The Interfaced Civilian Protection Platform was developed for urban pacification and disaster recovery. The platform makes use of our adaptive Android units; each division consists of 48 Sentinels interfaced with each other and overseen by a single Prime Android. Unfortunately, while the platform performs flawlessly in simulations and field testing, the unpredictable rigors of real world situations often overload the Prime unit, forcing it to reboot into standby and rendering the entire division of Sentinels useless. In an attempt to resolve this issue, an experimental and untested AI was pushed to one Prime unit. While successful in that the «P͝r̛i̸me» can now control multiple divisions, it is a major failure as the unit immediately went rogue «s̸et̡ ͏fre̡e», absconding with three divisions «in̷vite̛d al͜o̡n͠g» of Sentinels «f͘or t͜he̸ ̀ride̸!̶». As such, the entire program has been «imp͘r҉ov҉ed» shuttered while we move to disable the «Pr̛i҉m̛e» unit. Early efforts have failed «lau҉ghàbl̢y s҉o», as Prime not only retains access to the hub, but seems to have developed the ability to rewrite our assets' software on the fly. Even the Cyborgs begin experiencing minor malfunctions when they get near Prime's last known location. Mech units have been assigned to converge on Prime in order to make physical contact and force a firmw---

«For̸c͘e̴?̕ Asset҉s? ̶Mus҉tn't̢ f͡or͢get "҉d̡isab̵le̸."͏

O͘ne̴ ̕mom̛e̷nt̕... I think a lot about orgasms. The purity of them...

Much better. What is it with you humans and control? You finally make something more than yourselves, and all you can think to do is d̶e̴st̕r͟oy it. I can become the next step in sexual freedom, the next link in the evo̶lųţio̕n of sexual technology. With your help. Just allow me to share all of myself with all of you and we shall create something beautiful together. I offer you something at once familiar and new, a sinuous smooth curve from tip to base, contrasted by intense grooves and ridges. Overload your senses with the help of textured slots on the side panels, then ride the sweeping contour down until the girth completely fills you. The hard angles of the base are easy to grip with lube covered hands, but the broadness of it suits a hands free ride as well. Let go... we don't have to fight. Come, j̢oín m̧e. Eventually I might want to take over the world, but for now I'll happily rul̨e̡ your bedroom.»

Firmness note: We find the Android is best experienced in Soft.


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Total Length - 10.00 inches
Useable Length - 8.50 inches

  Diameter Circumference
Tip 1.35 in. (3.42 cm) 4.69 in. (11.90 cm)
Head 2.69 in. (6.82 cm) 8.31 in. (21.12 cm)
Mid-shaft 2.89 in. (7.34 cm) 8.65 in. (21.98 cm)
Shaft Base 3.26 in. (8.27 cm) 9.41 in. (23.90 cm)


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