Cyborg Small

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Our cybernetics division leapt forward after the invention of a bio-compatible nanotech fiber capable of quickly and cleanly repairing major wounds. Utilizing a hive-mind AI, SmartMesh interfaces directly with a subject's nervous system to intelligently replace damaged body parts with no loss of function or sensation. While a great boon to the medical community, we advanced the technology as a platform for purpose-built cybernetics. This technology has resulted in many unique cyborgs, from a one man construction crew to an incredible warrior with an inimitable sense of style. However, our most impressive recruit by far is, the first person to volunteer for the ambitious Space Corps cybernetic enhancements. An astronaut in training with an appreciation for the finer things in life, recruit became interested in our program after sustaining major injuries in an automobile accident. Opting for our most extreme cybernetic enhancements, he can now withstand the harshest extremes with no additional equipment, his SmartMesh implants constantly adjusting to protect against the cold vacuum of space. After a mission, he can often be found listening to Schumann or Vivaldi while sipping a glass of Malbec and contemplating the beauty of the Milky Way.

Sometimes though, there comes a time for earthly pleasures, and there too you'll find the Cyborg is uniquely equipped. Presenting a familiar shape at first, you'll quickly be overwhelmed by pleasure as each plate slowly enters you, a delicious contrast to the more organic texture of the upper shaft. Take all five plates and your dedication will be rewarded with the amazing feel of the Cyborg's conduits caressing you as you grind on the heavy base. Space may be cold, but a night with the Cyborg and a fine bottle of wine promises to be plenty hot!


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Total length: 6.50 inches

Useable Length: 4.75 inches

  Diameter Circumference
Tip 1.02 in. (2.58 cm) 3.20 in. (8.12 cm)
Head 1.81 in. (4.60 cm) 5.46 in. (13.86 cm)
Mid-Shaft 1.78 in. (4.53 cm) 5.52 in. (14.02 cm)
Shaft base 2.01 in. (5.11 cm) 5.98 in. (15.18 cm)






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