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Werehorse Mini

Starting at: $40.00

In the mists of legend, there are many strange creatures whose very existence relies on their popularity in the culture at large. While fairies and wood elves enjoy their fame, the atomy that lives among them survives on two scant literary references. And the humble brag is constantly upstaged by his cousin the kelpie, despite his much sunnier disposition. But then there are the poor rare legends that we have all forgotten, waiting for some small flicker of imagination to bring them back to life.

Exotic-Erotics presents the Werehorse, a collaborative design by members of our forums. Once an ordinary horse, the bite of a werewolf turned this stud into something extraordinary. Able to transform at will, the Werehorse doesn't need a full moon to show you a good time. Of course, if you show him your full moon, you may find he becomes extra excited! The Werehorse comes in five different sizes in both regular and flared options.


Total Length: 7.25 in.
Useable Length: 5.50 in.

  Diameter Circumference
Head 1.25 in. (3.17 cm.) 3.94 in. (10.00 cm)
Midshaft 1.16 in. (2.95 cm.) 3.98 in. (10.10 cm)
Knot 1.88 in. (4.79 cm) 5.51 in (14.00 cm)


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