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With the advent of CRISPR, genetically modified super-soldiers no longer needed to be limited to summer blockbusters. Secretive experiments for private military contractors involved direct gene manipulation and were quite successful. In tests, myostatin inhibition greatly increased muscle mass, and some clever editing resulted in increased neurogenesis, creating smarter soldiers. Side effects of higher metabolism, increased aggression and occasional headaches were all considered acceptable trade-offs for troops that could out-perform both enemy combatants and heavy equipment single-handedly. These super-soldiers were known as Furies, but turning a young soldier into a Fury was an intense process taking over a decade of constant oversight. In an attempt to increase deployment, a viral delivery system was developed. This was a much more intense transformation by which a new recruit could go from Boot to Badass in 21 months. The new Furies would have been a complete success had it not been for an unexpected complication.

In approximately 10 percent of subjects, the delivery virus would lie dormant within their bodies, reactivating in times of high stress. A combination of ever-increasing muscle and bone growth pulled the skin taut and translucent. Not only did the increased neurogenesis enlarge the brain to a point where the skull split open to accommodate it, brain tissue began to grow elsewhere in the body. Worse, their ever increasing aggression made them a danger to their comrades and commanders. Perhaps it would have been best to shutter the program. Instead, attempts were made to stabilize the subjects, and when that failed they were moved to a secret facility for observation. Most didn’t make it. A few stand-out subjects had more controlled growth, and it was thought that perhaps they could be redeemed. Despite their fully exposed brain, sharp bone claws and ravenous appetites, they could still serve. Creatures that were larger, stronger and smarter than Furies. Project FURANTUR was doomed from the start.

Furantur is not for the faint of heart. Only the best and bravest researchers consider exploring this chunky thrusting toy, with intense textures and prominent rippling muscles throughout. Let Furantur stretch you with his engorged, extremely detailed tip, fill you to the brim with his intense rippling girth and stimulate you thoroughly with unique bone textures. A night with this monster is a dance of daring and desire, perfect for those who thrive on scarousal and dark spooky nights. Furantur is sure get you screaming (for all the right reasons)!

This model may look familiar to our eagle eyed dildo enthusiasts! Concept art of this design has been plastered on social media for several years since Killveous published it in February of 2019. Sadly the hype came with the consequence of many unscrupulous people stealing this design and others. These unauthorized (and often medically unsafe) products have since been widely removed from the marketplace, and you can now enjoy this fantastic, unique design as it was meant to be: In body safe platinum-cure silicone with full permission from the artist!



Total Length:           10 in.

Useable Length:   8.75 in.

  Head-on Dimensions
Diameter Perimeter
Tip 1.32 in.    (3.36 cm) 6.14 in.     (15.60 cm)
Bulge 3.11 in.    (7.90 cm) 9.76 in.     (24.80 cm)
Neck 1.98 in.    (5.03 cm) 6.46 in.     (16.40 cm)
Shaft Base 2.57 in.    (6.54 cm) 8.39 in.     (21.30 cm)
     Profile Dimensions
Diameter Perimeter
Tip 2.29 in.    (5.81 cm) 6.14 in.     (15.60 cm)
Bulge 3.03 in.    (7.69 cm) 7.87 in.     (20.00 cm)
Neck 1.90 in.    (4.82 cm) 6.46 in.     (16.40 cm)
Shaft Base 2.69 in.    (6.83 cm) 8.39 in.     (21.30 cm)

        To find the circumference of each point, multiply the Diameter by 𝝅 (3.14)


Firmness Note: Due to the heavy texture, we find Furantur is best experienced in Soft.

Color Note: If you choose Denizen Red plus a Secondary Color, the base will be covered in a Red highlight. Please plan your colors accordingly.

  • Shipping Weight: 1.9lbs
  • Manufactured by: Exotic-Erotics

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