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Jerry the Gerbil Small

Starting at: $35.00

I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumors. Gerbils boldly going where no gerbil has gone before (and the celebrities that love them)! And yes, we all know that it’s just an old urban legend, but it sure seems to be a popular one. In fact, Jerry has heard this tale his whole life, and now he’s determined to make gerbil history. He’s prepared himself for the ultimate cave diving experience by purchasing the best miniature SCUBA Gere available.

Jerry’s ready to put in some serious bottom time once he squeezes into your cavern, and it looks to be a safe and enjoyable dive! Jerry doesn’t need to worry about the tide on this dive, but his pleasantly plump stature will ensure that you’re tied. You won’t need a depth gauge for this outing though. Jerry doesn’t want to get the bends, so he keeps his flippers flared outward to ensure he doesn’t get lost in the briny depths. Jerry the Gerbil comes in two specialty colors, the sand-covered “Beached” and the deep ocean blues of “The Bends,” as well as our other regularly available colors. Come dive into a sea of pleasure with Jerry today!


Total Length:      4.25 inches

Useable Length: 4.00 inches


  Diameter Circumference
Head 1.12 in. (2.85 cm) 3.46 in. (8.80 cm)
Belly 1.95 in. (4.98 cm) 6.50 in. (16.50 cm)
Legs 1.05 in. (2.68 cm) 3.26 in. (8.30 cm)





A measurement chart comparing all of the sizes can be found Here!

  • Shipping Weight: 0.4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Exotic-Erotics

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