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Treants may be some of the loneliest creatures around. A life spent tending forests may be peaceful, but there aren't many opportunities for conversation or companionship. And thats a shame, because a Treant has a lot to offer a potential partner. For example, if you want to cuddle up with a Treant, you'll have an amazing view. Whereever you go with your Treant beau, you'll have the pleasant sounds of birdsong and gently rustling leaves. But perhaps the best reason to date a Treant is his amazing anatomy. The Treant's phallus takes "ribbed for her pleasure" and kicks it into overdrive with a texture unlike anything a human boyfriend could offer. Plus, the Treant really knows how to branch out into clitoral stimulation. So go take a walk in the woods and see if you can find a Treant and make an honest plant out of him.


Total length: 9 in.
Usable length: 6.75 in.
Branch length: 3.50 in.
Tip to Tip of branch length: 4 in.





Shaft Measurements Diameter Circumference
Tip 1.00 in. (2.50 cm) 2.75 in. (7.00 cm)
Head Ridge 1.85 in. (4.75 cm) 5.90 in. (15.00 cm)
Mid-Shaft 1.96 in. (4.98 cm) 5.86 in. (14.90 cm)
Base 2.36 in. (6.01 cm) 7.87 in. (20.00 cm)
Branch Measurements    
Tip .97 in (2.48 cm) 3.34 in. (8.50 cm)
Mid 1.05 in. (2.68 cm) 3.81 in. (9.70 cm)
Base 1.40 in. (3.53 cm) 4.40 in. (11.20 cm)

A measurement chart comparing all of the sizes can be found Here!

A note on color options: the Natural option looks best in a single firmness. Mirkwood Glow will always feature a Hard branch, regardless of main firmness chosen.






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