Yacuruna Mini

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In the murky depths of the Amazon River, in a city of shell and coral hidden well away from human eyes, live the Yacuruna. The Yacuruna are not shy, and it is said that they sleep with one eye open, piercing through the warm waters to watch us on the land. If you find yourself alone in the flooded forest during the rainy season, you may catch a glimpse of an alluring form frolicking among the river dolphins. Stay, and the Yacuruna may burst from the water and fix you in place with eyes that sparkle like sun on scales. The locals know that Yacuruna is a master of seduction, and it is mere minutes before you learn this fact for yourself. There are other legends of the Yacuruna. Some say that they'll steal you away while turning your eyes and feet backward so you can't find your way home. But as he lays with you at the edge of the swollen river, your eyes roll back in your head, your toes curl, and now you know where the legend comes from, because you never want to leave this moment.


Yacuruna offers a textured, filling experience that stimulates the P- and G-spots when thrusting, while the taper of the lower shaft makes for a comfortable ride. Those in search of even more sensation can take Yacuruna deep and experience the wonderfully wrinkled sheath. We offer two specialty colors for the Yacuruna. Get kinky with King Koi, a glow-in-the-dark blue to dark blue faded shaft atop a white and pearlescent orange base, with a black sheath that sparkles blue in the light. Or get the amazingly detailed Amazonia, with a natural shaft fade, cream colored sheath, and a dark base accented with gold and turquoise, and a glow-in-the-dark surprise when the lights go out. Get lost in a jungle of passion today with the Yacuruna!

Total length: 5.75"
Useable length: 4.25"

  Diameter Circumference
Tip 1.10 in. (2.80 cm) 3.54 in. (9.00 cm)
Bulge 1.87 in. (4.75 cm) 5.63 in. (14.30 cm)
3/4 Shaft 1.15 in. (2.93 cm) 4.10 in. (10.40 cm)
Sheath 1.70 in. (4.30 cm) 5.31 in. (13.50 cm)


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