Vaeu Small

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This stellar fantasy design is brought to you by the fertile imagination of Whinn Doe!

Centuries from now, after the development of faster-than-light communications and interstellar travel, it is found that the universe is home to not one, but dozens of advanced civilizations.  One such civilization originates on a planet named Yaphenna, A lush green oasis that remains home to twenty distinct sapient species.  Among the most technologically advanced of these species, the vaeu are the descendants of genetically modified lowlands grazers and browsers, and have several adaptations to evade predation.  Lacking both fur and pores in their skin, the vaeu can reduce their scent profile and regulate their body temperature, helping them disappear into their environment. These adaptations helped keep them safe from predators in the past, but these days it mostly makes for incredibly smooth cuddling. Cuddle a vaeu long enough, and you may suddenly find yourself face to face with their reproductive parts, which are quite unique even on Yaphenna.  As the male Vaeu becomes erect, three rows of prominent nubs present on the underside of the shaft.  These nubs correspond to a similar series of bumps within the vagina of the female Vaeu, which makes for heavy stimulation during intercourse.  At the same time, the male's nubs emit a faint electrical impulse with each thrust, as well as secreting a compound that acts both as a mild aphrodisiac and muscle relaxer. In combination, these unique adaptations allow the Vaeu to get as deep as possible, and upon climax its unique valved urethra builds pressure before releasing a veritable flood of ejaculate.

exotic-erotics' reproduction of Vaeu may lack some of the more alien features, but this high quality silicone version is sure to take you on a trip out of this world. For those familiar with the depth play provided by the Monster Buck, the Vaeu offers similar lengths with a touch more girth to challenge you as you conquer each successive row of nubs. The swooping curve of the shaft will ensure you feel the pleasure of each individual bulge in all your most sensitive places whether you ride or thrust. The rest of humanity may have to wait hundreds of years to meet the Vaeu, but you can bring one home today!





Vaeu Small


Length: 12 in.

Useable: 9.5 in.


1.11 in. (2.81 cm)

3.19 in. (8.10 cm)


1.50 in. (3.82 cm)

4.80 in. (12.20 cm)


1.82 in. (4.62 cm)

5.31 in. (13.50 cm)

To find the circumference of each point, multiply the Diameter by 𝝅 (3.14)

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