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Venture into a garden of earthly delights with the Snail! With a bulbous spiral shell on top of tons of texture, this toy is perfect for those who love a sloooow grind. But don’t worry, even if you prefer a quick ride, this 100% platinum cure silicone snail is made to keep up! Both sizes feature the same body proportions with lots of bumps, nubs and waves across a broad area to maximize contact and pleasure. Even the tail gets in on the action! Feel completely stuffed by the shell, in two different sizes, Small with a circumference of 5.97 inches, and Medium at 7.41 inches. The Snail’s shell makes it a hearty garden denizen that can withstand a pounding, but whether you grind slow and steady or ride long and hard, eventually he’s going to want you to get off. *wink*

This Snail also likes to show off, and has more selectable color options than any other toy. We offer two colors based off of real snails. Fire Snail (info) is an affordable combo of black and red with a grey base. (Fun fact: the actual snail species happens to be the same size as the toy.)  Burgundy Snail (info) uses pearlescent colors and features a burgundy and deep gold swirl on the shell, a white highlight on the body over antique gold, and an antique silver base. If you prefer to design your own splashy slowpoke, we’ve included a color guide below, which you can also find in picture form in the photos at the bottom of the page.


A measurement chart comparing both of the sizes can be found HERE


Snail Color Selection Guide

The Snail is a highly customizable toy. Here are some tips for configuring your perfect garden gastropod!

A selection of “None” in any category will use the color above it. Examples:
  • For a single color, select Shell A only, and “None” for all other color options.
  • Selecting a color for Shell A and None for Body will make the  body the same color as the shell.
  • Selecting a Body color and “None” for Base, the Base will be the same as the Body Color.
  • Selecting Shell A, Body Highlight and Base, the shell color will continue under the highlight, and stop at the base.
  • Shell Color Options only apply to the shell. Select Shell A and Shell B, but None for Body, and the Body will be Shell Color A.

Just love the look of the snail? Then check out our ee micro Snail (2.17” h x 2.5” l) in the Accessories section for $10 each.

Buying a full size snail? Get a randomly colored micro for 30% off by checking the box beneath the color options!

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