Exomanus Large

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When the bright white streak slashed across the night sky, the farmer rushed outside to watch. As he stepped onto the rickety old porch he whistled in appreciation as the meteor lanced through the sky toward the back field. Soon the shooting star disappeared behind the roof line, and the young man hopped into his muck boots while trying to catch sight of it. He found it again just in time to see it tumble over the horizon, followed by a shower of dust in the moonlight.

By the time he found the impact site, a half hour had passed. For all it’s blazing glory, the meteorite looked quite plain now. A silver-grey rock a little larger than a fist sitting in a shallow crater less than 6 inches deep. As the farmer knelt down to examine the meteorite, an odd white shimmer crawled across its surface. If he’d been a more cautious man, perhaps he would have hesitated. But not having ever watched Creepshow or read The Colour Out of Space, the rock incited curiosity, not caution.

He reached out to pick up the jagged stone and immediately dropped it. He had expected some residual heat, but he had felt a sting, not a burn. As he reached out a second time, a luminous mass oozed out to meet him. When it grazed his fingertips, he recoiled in surprise as it quickly formed a hand to mirror his own. Unsure what to do, he waved shyly. The glowing hand darted toward him in response, gently grabbing his wrist as a second hand grew from its own. The farmer shook the grasp off as he scrambled to his feet and galloped toward the safety of the house. It was nearly in sight when something caught his ankle and he fell hard. Rolling over to find a mass of gelatinous hands wrapped around his boot, he kicked it off and fled. But his uneven gait slowed him, and it was mere moments before the mass of grasping fingers was gripping his ankle and quickly sliding up his leg…

Exomanus is a body horror toy that wants to make fisting freaky, perfect for anyone that’s ever wondered just how many hands they can take. This Thing may seem like a tower of terror, but when you feel all of those fingertips and knuckles steadily gaining in girth, your only torment will be in the madness of over-stimulation! Exomanus makes for a rewarding challenge and comes in two specialty colors, both of which feature a highlight and an eerie glow.

Note: At this size, Soft firmness does not stand on its own, but a split firmness will help.






Length:   15.25 in.


Useable:     13 in.


1.14 in. (2.90 cm)

3.07 in. (7.80 cm)


3.35 in. (8.51 cm)

10.39 in. (26.40 cm)

Widest Point

4.20 in. (10.68 cm)

13.39 in. (34.00 cm)


3.30 in. (8.37 cm)

10.08 in. (25.60 cm)

Note: Circumscribed circumference can be found by multiplying the diameter by π (3.14)

  • Shipping Weight: 4.6lbs
  • Manufactured by: Exotic-Erotics

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