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J-Lube 10 oz Dry Powder Lubricant


J-Lube is a powdered lubricant that can be mixed with water to make varying consistencies of personal lubricant. Whether you like your lube thin like Astroglide or thick like KY, you can achieve whatever result you're after by mixing different amounts of water with J-Lube. J-Lube is easily cleaned up with water. A small amount of table salt can aid removal from the hands. 10oz of J-Lube can make 6-8 gallons of lubricant depending on consistency.

J-Lube can be prepared a little at a time for immediate use, or you can mix up larger quantities for use in a clean container so you'll always have some on hand.

Ingredients: 25% polyethylene polymer and 75% dispersing agent. Note: Leakage of this product into the peritoneal cavity may cause illness and/or death. (This would only happen if you punctured your intestines. Play safe!) Please note that J-Lube's dispersing agent contains a very small amount of sugars, and is not recommended for vaginal use in those prone to yeast infections.

Questions about J-Lube? We have found a comprehensive J-Lube FAQ.

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