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Toy Information

Exotic-Erotics specializes in high quality silicone adult novelties. We are the only adult toy company making lifecast products. These are high quality castings of live animals, which means that our toys are the most realistic adult novelties on the market. Whether you are looking to fulfill a fantasy or are simply wanting a more intense experience than many other companies can offer, you've come to the right place. In addition to our lifecast toys, we have a line of sculpted animal toys. Whether hand sculpted or 3D printed, we have striven to make the most realistic products possible. And if you're looking for something even more exotic, check out our fantasy line. From anthro horses to werewolves, we've got something to satisfy everyone and every hole.


We use a Platinum-Cure silicone. It is medical grade, 100% body safe, and with an amazing 800-1000% elasticity is extremely durable. With proper care, Platinum-Cure silicone will last for many years.

Types of Toys

Lifecast Toys

Lifecast toys are created from casts of living animals (and humans!). The casting process takes approximately five minutes, and the animals are always happy to help! No animals are harmed in any way, physically or otherwise. Lifecast toys are just like the real thing, down to the slightest wrinkle and bump. Toys only mother nature could sculpt!

Animal Toys

Our Animal line is created from hand sculpted or 3D printed positives. All of our animal sculpts are heavily researched, and then fine-tuned to make them as pleasurable as possible while maintaining a stunning amount of realism. A way to experience the wilder members of the animal kingdom!

Fantasy Toys

Our Fantasy line is the best way to experience the weird and wonderful. Whether you want to swim in a sea of ecstasy with Poseidon's seahorse or find out what it's like to give it up to a phoenix, we have something for you. Let your fantasies take flight!

High Fantasy Toys

The High Fantasy line-up will take you on an adventure of epic proportions. Think you can tame the savage brutality of the Orc? Or perhaps a long walk with the Treant is more your speed. Either way, these toys will take you on an incredible journey!

Exotic Robotics

Maybe you're after something less organic. If so, our Exotic Robotics line is for you. Whether you're looking to spike your adrenaline by stretching out with the Mech, or just desire a high tech version of your favorite shapes, we've got you covered with this line of ravishing robots.

Exotic Horrors

A line to make you question the cause of that increased heart rate! Scared? Aroused? A little of both? Direful dildos not for the faint of heart!


Size Chart

Each product listing is accompanied by a size chart. Most products with multiple sizes have all sizes on a single size chart for easy comparison. Measurement categories can vary depending on the toy since sometimes the shaft measurement is shorter than the total useable length. In general, each size chart will have the following categories:

Length: The total length of the toy, from base to tip.

Useable Length: The total length from the tip to the lowest useable spot on the toy.

Diameter: Taken at multiple points along the toy, the diameter measurement will always be taken at the widest point.

Perimeter: A measurement of the girth of the toy, taken by taking a string-pressed measurement of the perimeter.

                        To find the circular circumference at each point, simply multiply the listed diameter by 𝝅 (3.14).

(Please note, some older size charts erroneously label the Perimeter measurement as Circumference. We are working on updating these, but as many of them are images, not text, it is taking a little while to implement the updates. Any size chart with a Circumference column should be considered a perimeter measurement.)


Color Options

We offer a variety of color options for our toys. Some color options are not available on all toys.

Single Color

A single color for the entire toy from the available options of black, blue, light blue, brown, light brown, green, mint green, pink, red, blood red, grey, dark grey, yellow, white, fleshy pink, fleshy brown, fluorescent red, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green ,fluorescent blue and fluorescent purple. (Available on all toys)







Pearlescent/Metallic Colors

Colors that shimmer and sparkle, including 3 duo-tone colors that shift with the light!

Dual Color

One color for the shaft, with a secondary color for the base, chosen out of the colors listed above. This option is only listed as an option on the product pages for which it is available. Some designs do not lend themselves to dual colors. There is a small additional fee for this option.

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark Blue, Violet and Green options! Long-lasting glow when the lights are out, and pale blue , violet or green in the light. There is an additional fee for this option.

Natural Markings

Many of our toys are offered with this option at a small additional fee. The Natural Markings option is slightly different on each toy, so please see individual product pages for a description. In the case of Natural Markings on horse-based models, each toy will be subtly different due to the manufacturing process, meaning that your toy will be truly one of a kind! (This option can be found under the Primary Color drop down menu on the product page. Any product lacking this option is not offered with Natural Markings.)


This option combines two colors in a tie-dye style swirl down the shaft of the toy. This can be done with any two of the standard colors for an additional fee. This option can also be combined with the Dual Colors option for an even more personal touch. (Available for Amir, Charlie, Motown, Remus, Henry, Jackson, Cody XL-Medium, Elephant Trunk Large, Elephant Trunk Medium, The Randy Rhino XL, The Randy Rhino Large, The Randy Rhino Medium, Werewolf XL, Werewolf Large, Werewolf Medium, Hippocampus XL-Medium, Phoenix XL, Phoenix Large, Werehorse XL-Small, Werehorse Flared XL-Small, Halfling and Orc.)

Custom Colors

If you are looking for a color that we don't carry, you can select the custom color option for either primary or secondary colors and we will do our best to match your request for a small additional fee. With the wide variety of colors at our disposal, we can match most solid colors within a few shades. (All custom colors will be attempted, but cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the silicone. Only products that can be shown to be radically different from the requested color will be considered for return or exchange.)

Surprise Color Options

We offer three surprise color tiers, for which there are some additional fees.

Single Surprise is a single color guaranteed not to be one of our regularly offered colors.

Super Surprise can be swirls, marbles, splits or any combination thereof, generally using plain colors.

Deluxe Surprise adds in pearlescents and/or glow pigments to kick it up a notch.

When choosing a Surprise option, you may leave your favorite and disliked colors to ensure that the toy is in colors that you prefer. You may also leave some sort of inspiration, whether that's a description (such as 'the beach at sunset') or a photo. In the case of specific color palette or design requests, please contact us, as these are better served by a custom design.

Super and Deluxe Surprise options employ a maximum of three major colors, with a fourth potential 'accent color' if the artist feels it is necessary to properly capture the spirit of the provided inspiration. This 'accent color' will always consist of an ounce or less of silicone.

With the exception of the Double-Ended Silver and Double-Dog Dare due to the mold designs, Surprise options are made completely with liquid silicone. If your inspiration is best served by crisp lines or very exact placement of certain colors, it is best to contact us about a Custom Design, as some models support hand-painted details.

Suction Cups

We offer a suction cup option on many of our toys which can aid in hands free play and even sticking the toys to vertical surfaces. Please note that if a model doesn't have the option to pick a suction cup it's because it is not supported by the shape of the toy's base.


Model Cup Model Cup
Lifecast Human   Sculpted Animal  
Bradley No Buck Yes
Howard No Croc No
James No Double-Dog Dare No
Rudy No Elephant No
Shane No Elephant Trunk No
Nick's Arm Yes Giraffe No
Lifecast Canine   Giraffe Tongue No
Bartlebee Yes Monster Buck No
Bernard Yes Orca Yes
Moose Yes Rhino No
Murray Yes Rhino Horn No
Lifecast Equine   Fantasy  
Amir Yes Cody No
Double-Ended Amir No Hippocampus Yes
Bishop Yes Phoenix Yes
Charlie Yes Raptor No
Henry Yes Singe Yes
Jackson Yes Scorch Yes
Motown Yes Werehorse No
Remus Yes Werehorse Flared No
Double-Ended Remus No Werewolf No
Silver Yes Wuffamute V2 Yes
Double-Ended Silver No Yacuruna Yes
Silver Full Flare Yes High Fantasy  
Silver Plug No Halfling No
    Orc No
Exotic Robotics   Reptilian No
Android Yes  Treant No
Cyborg No Wraith No
Mech No Exotic Horrors  
SubWoofer Yes Exomanus Yes
Tr0j@n H0r5e No Furantur No


Firmness Options

We offer three different firmness levels for our toys so that you can find the toy that feels just right!


With a lot of give, our soft toys can be worked into any hole with relative ease, but you miss out on feeling the finer textures and details of the toy. Soft toys don't tend to stand on their own, regardless of whether or not the design supports it. Shore OO-30 firmness.


Our most popular choice, and our recommendation for most customers. A great mix of firmness and ease of use, allowing you to feel every wrinkle and bump on our lifecast toys, and each rib or scale on our fantasy toys, without being overwhelming. Most toys that are made to stand on their own, will. Shore-A6 Firmness.


For the advanced user, or those who just like it a little rough. This firmness has less give to it, emphasizing the texture of the toy. Makes a stiffer toy that some customers find easier to use for hands-free riding. Not recommended for large toys. Shore-A8 Firmness.


Need more help deciding? Check out our Silicone Firmness Samples for just $5.00!


Split Firmness

For a small additional fee, you can get your toy with two firmness levels in order to balance ease of insertion and ease of thrusting. You can get many of our toys with the head or shaft in a softer firmness than the base. The place where the split occurs varies depending on the toy. Most toys have the split toward the bottom of the shaft in order to increase the stability of the toy. On knotted toys, this will be on the underside of the knot for maximum stability . If you are getting a swirl on the shaft, the swirl will end before the split. If you would like your split in a custom location, contact us first, but we can usually accommodate requests! (This option can be found in the firmness drop down menu on the product page. Any product lacking this option is not offered with split firmness.)

Custom Design Colorations

Even with all of our options, sometimes you want something more! If you have a specific coloration in mind that can't be done via our regular options, contact us! We'll let you know if it's something we can do, and if not, help you to come up with a design that captures the spirit of your idea. Please contact us before placing your order so we can draw up a price quote and ordering instructions.