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How long has Exotic-Erotics been in business?

Since Autumn of 2009. We are now a privately-owned business, formerly a division of one of our distributors. Now you can get the same great toys directly from the manufacturer. You are able to buy toys exclusively available here, and by buying from us, you receive your order sooner!

What materials do you use?

We use a high quality Platinum-Cure silicone. The silicone is medical grade and does not discolor, within reason. (Don't use paint on your toys!) Silicone also does not have a smell or leech materials. You may also notice the lighter colored toys might discolor a little bit. Toys can also discolor if you put it on print such as a newspaper.

Is it possible to get my toy in a color not listed on your site?

Yes! By selecting the "Custom" option in the color drop-box, you can specify any color you can think of and we will do our best to mix it up for you. There is a $5.00 charge per color for this service.

Do you offer custom color fades?

While we don't offer it as a regular option, some color fades can be done, depending on the colors, model and silicone firmness. If you are interested in a fade, please contact us and we can help you figure out if it can be done. Fades cost anywhere from 20 to 65 dollars depending on the number of colors involved. Pearlescent colors can increase this price.

Can I get an ejaculating tube/"cumtube" in my toy?

We get this question a lot, but we have no plans to do so, and here’s why. It is impossible to keep a toy with a silicone tube in it clean long term. Silicone bonds to itself, but only in the first 36 hours or so after production. After that it’s cured too much and will not bond with new silicone. A toy with a silicone tube has microscopic gaps between the toy and the tube, and no matter how well you clean it, after a few years you will get bacterial growth between the two. As we are making toys that we want to last a lifetime with proper care, we have elected not to offer an ejaculating tube.


Ordering and shipping

What payment types do you accept?

We currently accept check or money order, PayPal, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for credit/debit.

 Please note that in the case of payment by check or money order, we will not move your item into production until we receive your check or money order and it has cleared. Our policy is to cancel orders after 30 days with no payment.

 Do you ship discreetly?

We do our best to do so. We send out our toys in plain brown boxes. No logos or text. The sender name is safe for work and completely disassociated from Exotic-Erotics, in addition to being vague enough that it gets lost among the search results. This is to protect our customers from nosy people that know how to Google. This default shipping option is considered most discreet.

If a package would be more discreet in your home with a human name instead, simply ask in the comments for us to ship your product with a human name. For international shipments, an accurate invoice and description of the contents are required. None of these documents says "Exotic-Erotics" on them or refer to sex toys.

What will appear on my credit card or PayPal statement?

Our statement entries for Credit Card/Banking statements does not show up when searched, as there are too many similar search results with higher SEO.

PayPal has begun appending [ExoticErotics] to the end of the Invoice Id number (NOT the Transaction ID number). This only shows up within the individual invoice, not on any of the monthly statements, so only the owner of the PayPal account will see this.

Why did I receive a partial refund after my order shipped via UPS?

UPS shipping rates are provided to us directly by UPS based on our package volume. But we actually purchase our labels via a third-party shipper who has much lower rates based on their much larger package volume. Since the rates vary based on delivery location and service, we refund any over-payment to you. The majority of UPS Ground packages have accurate rates, with larger discounts for more expensive services. If you receive one of these refunds, it will be listed in your order history as a UPS Negotiated Rates Refund.

How can I contact you to fix/change my order?

Please click the 'Contact us' link at the top of the website. Orders may be cancelled with no fee within the first 24 hours. Cancellations after the first 24 hours are subject to a twenty percent restocking fee. We will happily do an exchange on wrong or defective products. Returns for any other reason are subject to a twenty percent restocking fee. In both cases, the product must be sealed in the plastic bag you received it in. We absolutely cannot accept returns on opened or used products. Please ensure that you have received the correct product before opening it. Return shipping is the responsibility of the consumer except in the case of a wrong or defective item.

Will I get a tracking number?

Yes. We automatically send a shipping confirmation email with tracking number when we send your package.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally to most countries, with the exclusion of India, Malaysia, Maldives, North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Most of these countries prohibit the import of sex toys for sale. If you do order internationally, please choose USPS, as it passes through customs in most countries more quickly. The cost is cheaper if you order multiple toys in one go too, so if you have a friend wanting to order place it in the same order.

A note about USPS First-Class International. This is our cheapest option for packages under 2 pounds, but it is also the slowest. There is no guaranteed arrival time, and while it normally only takes a couple weeks to arrive, as it only moves when there is other mail heading in the same direction, it can potentially take much longer, particularly if you live in a smaller country. USPS also only offers basic tracking for this option, which means that we cannot get any updates from USPS if the package has not moved in a little while. If you care about getting your package quickly, it's best to upgrade to USPS Priority International, which typically takes 6-10 days.


Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

Packages shipped via USPS can go to P.O. boxes.

UPS does not ship to P.O. boxes. If you select UPS and your shipping address is a P.O. box, the equivalent USPS service will be chosen for shipping, and your payment method will be refunded any difference. If your local post office accepts non-government carrier packages (such as UPS, DHL or FedEx) to your P.O. box, your shipping address must be in the following format:

Post Office's Street Address

Unit XXXX (Where XXXX is your P.O. box number)

City, State  Zip Code

Does it take a long time to make?

Typical production times are 12-14 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding government holidays). Occasionally, such as after a sale, our production queue may get a little backed up, but even then we get most of our products shipped out within 3-4 weeks. Please do not contact us with inquiries about the status of your order unless 14 business days have passed and you have not received a shipping confirmation. Due to the amount of work required for Custom Designs, they can take longer than normal to make, especially if you have multiple Custom Designs in a single order.



I have another question but it isn't answered here! Where can I ask?

For general questions, you can use our contact form to send us a question directly, or send us a message on twitter. For specific questions about an order or potential order, please use our contact form.

I have a killer idea for a toy! Would you guys be interested?

Sure! Send us an email at with your idea. It usually takes us about a month to discuss and decide if it's something we'd like to develop or not.