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Welcome to the home of life-cast and exotic toys.

Exotic-Erotics specializes in high quality silicone adult novelties. We are the only adult toy company making lifecast products. These are high quality castings of live animals, which means that our toys are the most realistic adult novelties on the market. Whether you are looking to fulfill a fantasy or are simply wanting a more intense experience than many other companies can offer, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to our Lifecast toys, we have a line of Sculpted Animal toys. Whether hand sculpted or 3D printed, we have striven to make the most realistic products possible. All of our animal sculpts are heavily researched, and then fine-tuned to make them as pleasurable as possible while maintaining a stunning amount of realism. And if you’re looking for something even more exotic, check out our Fantasy, High Fantasy, Exotic-Robotics and Exotic-Horrors lines. From amorous androids to wanton werewolves, we’ve got something to satisfy everyone and every hole.


Each Exotic-Erotics novelty is custom made for our consumers, meaning you get a toy personalized to your taste. Due to the huge variety of options available for each toy, we do not keep stock on hand, so please keep this in mind when ordering and choosing your shipping option. If you need your toy by a certain date, it's a good idea to contact us first to make sure it's possible. We do our best to get each order out as quickly as possible, but there are always limitations to how fast a custom order can be produced. Our standard manufacturing lead times are 12-14 business days. Please keep this in mind when placing an order.


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Stock Items, ready to ship!


Pre-made items available at base price.



Invite Furantur into Your Bed!


Just in time for spooky season, the fearsome Furantur is ready to ravish with intense textures and a bulbous glans. A design for those who like it rough, Furantur walks a fine line between dread and desire. Get one for yourself and experience scarousal like none other!




Travel to Distant Stars and Meet the Vaeu!


A smooth operator from the distant planet Yaphenna, the Vaeu is guaranteed to show you a good time, with a delightful curve that serves up row after row of sensual nubs that will hit all the right spots!


ee micros Price Drop!

We've amassed an even bigger mess of micros and are able to make them available even cheaper! ee micros are pre-packaged in themed packs of 5 for $16. Colors are chosen at random, but we do ensure that every package has some fancy colors in it, so you'll never have to worry about receiving a bunch of drab dongs! Find them today in our Accessories section!




We now have a listing of ready made models available in their most popular colors and firmness options. Orders only including inventory items will ship the next business day. This category currently only features Lifecast Equine and Canine.


New, Longer Double-Ended Silver!


We've updated our Double-Ended Silver to match the 2021 Silver model. Just like Silver, he's a little less in some spots and a little thicker in others, with improved texture & detail. Plus, 3 extra inches, for a total of 20 inches of length. Check him out and double your pleasure today!

It Came from Outer Space!




Looking to take your fisting out of this world? Take part in some alien delights with the Exomanus, a body horror inspired answer to the question "How much can you take?" With a dozen needy hands, this alien is less into a gentle probing and more of an utter infiltration of your most sensitive spots. At nearly 5 inches at the widest point, the XL offers a serious stretch to those who seek pleasure in the grips of cosmic madness.


Lifecast Canine Resculpts!


Our Canine Lifecasts were among some of our earliest toys, and featured hand-sculpted bases and lower shafts. Now we've updated these old favorites with matching bases, and reduced the girth of the lower shafts on the Murray and Moose, making for a more satisfying tie!


                                               Moose                                                                                               Bartlebee


Wuffamute V2

New and improved, based on your feedback and requests! Wuffamute V2 has all of your favorite bumps and curves, with a few new details sure to make you howl! We've added a more defined glans for a pleasant pop, a slightly thicker ring at mid-shaft, and a new textured base that supports a suction cup, all in 5 new sizes!



Slithering Snakes for your Staff!


Say hello to our scaly silicone serpents, the Ouroboros Cock Ring and the Ball Python Stretcher Sleeve.