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Life-Cast Eggs

Due to  a number of  factors related to supply issues and  available materials, we are temporarily suspending sales of all corded eggs.

We will be using this opportunity to attempt to redesign the retrieval loops with other more readily available materials. In the meantime, we are still offering non-corded Goose and Jumbo Goose Eggs. These toys are considered non-anal safe, and should not be used for that purpose.

  Item Name- Price

Goose Egg

Are you intimidated by our larger eggs but know that you aren't too chicken to try one out? This goose egg might be exactly what you need. Cast...

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Max: 2

Jumbo Goose Egg

You don't need to climb a beanstalk to get your hands on a giant golden goose egg! Our Jumbo Goose Egg comes in any color you like, straight to...

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Max: 2