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Ouroboros Cock Rings

A snake eating its own tail, the ouroboros is an ancient symbol that signifies multiple ideas. While in some cultures the ouroboros denoted renewal...

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Ball Python Stretcher Sleeve

This serpent slithers snugly around the scrotum, gently stretching the testicles away from the body.  The Ball Python Stretcher Sleeve...

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EE Bucks

EE Bucks are an easy way to pay for the cost of custom designs. Please do not add any EE Bucks to your cart until after you have talked to us about...


EE micros

One of our most frequent requests is to list the ee micros we sell at conventions on our website. Due to their popularity in the past, we never had...
$16.00  $10.00
Save: 38% off

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EE micro Snail

Smaller versions of the Snail Medium, scaled down to 2.5 inches in length. The perfect little desk buddy or stress squishy, available in a random...
$10.00  $7.00
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Ramshine Leather Toy Harness

Introducing a harness that works with even our largest toys! This adjustable leather harness features swappable rings so you can go on a strap-on...

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Toy Harness Rings

Each RamShine Leather Harness comes with a 3-inch nickel-plated ring. But what if your favorite toy is too big or small to fit comfortably within a 3...

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Gift Certificate

Buy gift certificates in multiple amounts. If you want to buy more than $100.00 worth add multiple gift certificates to your cart. The funds will be...

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Silicone Firmness Samples

Three tube samples of the different firmness options we offer for the silicone toys. Green is hard, Blue is medium, and Red is soft. The samples are...


Duo-tone Butterflies

It's difficult to do our three duo-tone colors justice with a photo. They shimmer and shift in the light, which can make it tough to decide if...


J-Lube 10 oz Dry Powder Lubricant

J-Lube is a powdered lubricant that can be mixed with water to make varying consistencies of personal lubricant. Whether you like your lube thin like...


Basic Enema Cleansing Bag

Basic Enema bag manufactured by Medline. Includes 1500mL Enema bag with pre-attached tube and lubricated tip. Also contains tubing clamp, underpad,...