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Lifecasting Info


Animal Welfare

The health, safety and comfort of the animals we cast is of paramount importance to us. No animals are abused or distressed during the lifecast process. exotic-erotics has never and will never be involved in the exploitation of animals in any way. The well-being of the animals we model comes first and foremost.

The animals we cast are all current or retired breeding animals who are familiar and comfortable with the semen collection process used across the world to safely breed females using artificial insemination. This process has been developed as a safe alternative to traditional breeding practices in which the breeding pair have direct physical contact. This method is safer, more convenient and more cost effective than natural breeding.


Lifecast Method

The original lifecast process is almost identical to the approved collection method. The only difference is that instead of an AV (artificial vagina, a custom-shape vinyl warm water bottle receptacle), we use a tube of alginate casting material, a natural body safe casting agent often used for dental molds. Most animals are unaware of the difference. However, if there is any indication that the animal is hesitant about the change in procedure, we stop the process immediately and do not make another attempt. The safety and mental well-being of the animal is more important than getting a cast.

Those doing the casting are all very familiar with the body language of the animal being cast, and are familiar with the standard collection method. We do not allow amateurs to assist, and everyone involved is trained to notice the slightest signs of hesitation or discomfort on the part of the animal. The entire process, while feeling different than an AV, is entirely harmless and is used for human casts as well. This method ensures that there is no risk of pain or injury to the animal.

exotic-erotics only takes casts of animals acclimatized to the process prior to casting. We will not cast animals with no collection experience where the safety of both the animal and those taking the cast can not be guaranteed. We will not cast animals with questionable living conditions.

As of 2018, exotic-erotics no longer employs a direct contact casting method, instead relying on 3D scanning technology. This allows us to get a full cast of the subject from all angles with no physical contact in a fraction of the time.


If you have any concerns or questions about exotic-eroticslifecasting process, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to settle any worries you have. It is important to us that everyone involved, from the animals we cast to the end users, are comfortable and happy with the process.