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What is Lifecasting?



It has been brought to our attention that there are some misconceptions and concerns about our lifecasting process, so we hope that this document on lifecasting procedures will clear things up.

What is Lifecasting?


Lifecasting is the creation of a three-dimensional copy of some part of living person or animal through molding and casting techniques. It is a common technique found everywhere from art studios to dentist offices. Lifecasting requires three things: A willing living subject, a molding material, and a casting agent. The subject must take and hold a pose. Depending on the amount of the body being cast, this pose might need to be held from anywhere from five minutes (for a dental cast) up to several hours (a full torso cast for movie special effects). The typical Exotic-Erotics lifecast takes 5-10 minutes.

Exotic-Erotics Lifecasting

The biggest challenge for an Exotic-Erotics cast isn't "hold that pose"? but "keep it up!" and each animal we cast has unique challenges to overcome to get a good cast.


  • Perhaps surprisingly, the most difficult animals to get a good cast of are humans. You wouldn't think that it would be hard for the typical human male to keep an erection for five minutes, but there's nothing inherently arousing about the lifecast process. It's usually tough to keep an erection when you've got a stranger painting silicone onto your dick. A huge number of guys have excitedly asked us to cast them, but very few have given us successful results. Everyone we've cast has tried their own strategy for keeping it up, from porn to Viagra, with varying degrees of success.
  • Compared to casting humans, equines are easy. It helps that there is already a well-established procedure for inducing an erection in a horse, and it's done all over the world at thousands of breeding farms for the purpose of semen collection. This time-honored process involves a stud, a mare in estrus, and an artificial vagina, or AV.? The AV is typically made out of some type of flexible rubber or vinyl and holds warm water to stimulate the stud. Most operations also use what's called a phantom,? a padded breeding dummy which holds the AV. The mare is brought into the vicinity; her scent excites the stud and quickly gives him an erection. He is guided toward the phantom, and the AV is connected to a special condom to collect his semen. Finally, he is allowed to mount and thrust to completion. Our casting process is very similar. We bring an in-season mare near the stud we intend to cast, always making sure to keep her and the stud separated for their safety. Once the stud is erect, we guide his penis into a custom-made tube full of an organic, body-safe molding material. The tube has to be held by someone who is constantly mindful of the stallion's every move so as to get a good cast. This is a four or five person operation, and everyone's main concern is the safety and comfort of the horse. After five to eight minutes, the mold material has set and we lead the mare away. The stud loses his erection and slides out of the mold, and we clean up any errant mold material. We make sure that the stallion is happy and relaxed, and then let him go back to his daily routine. Shortly afterward, we mix up some plaster of Paris and pour it into the mold to find out if our cast turned out well.
  • Casting a canine is a similar procedure, and is actually less hands-on than the process normally used to collect dogs, which often involves manual stimulation. You read that correctly; most dog breeders regularly stimulate their studs to orgasm by hand, all in the name of semen collection. We don't have to get quite so personal with the dogs that we cast. Keeping a canine model stimulated is similar to the equine casting procedure: we bring a female in heat into the next room, whose scent excites the male. This helps him maintain a steady erection that we can guide into our custom made casting tube, full of the same, body-safe molding material we use with equines. Because dogs naturally like to hump and thrust once they are in the warm tube, whomever is holding the tube has to do their best to keep the dog's phallus centered inside it. After about five minutes, the molding material has set, and we take the female away. We have to wait for the dog's knot to go down a bit before we can remove his penis from the molding tube. Fortunately the material is somewhat flexible, so it's easier than it could be. As soon as we're done, we make sure that everything is clean down below. At this point the dog usually curls up to lick himself for a laughably long time.

Animal Welfare

Hopefully we've made it clear by now, but let us plainly state: the health, safety and comfort of the animal is our first priority. Everyone involved in the casting process is compassionate and well-versed in the care and body-language of that particular type of animal. We want everyone involved to be able to instantly tell if an animal is experiencing any discomfort so that we can stop the process immediately. If the animal is not enthusiastic or cooperative at any point during the process, we stop and we do not make a second attempt. The animal's health and state of mind is much more important than getting a successful lifecast. That said, this is not a problem we've really run into. There have been a few horses that were too interested in the mare next door to cooperate, and we were able to tell that it wasn't going to work before even mixing up the molding material. But most animals rather enjoy the casting process. It involves some of their favorite things, like the smell of a female in heat and a warm wet sensation all around their penis. In fact, we've had more unsuccessful castings because the subject got overly excited and finished before the molding material was set than we have had due to subjects that weren't into it.

Why We Lifecast

Exotic-Erotics draws inspiration for our designs from the complex diversity of nature. Mother Nature has had millions of years to evolve interesting and amazing phalli, and we do our best to bring that amazing variety to our customers. Whether it's through our sculpted animal dildos or our fantasy designs that we try to make convincingly real, we do everything we can to bring your fantasy to life, no matter how unconventional it may be. Through lifecasting, we have the ability to showcase the tremendous variety that exists within a single species, whether that's the difference between James and Shane, Jackson and Silver, or Murray and Moose.

There is a concern that our products are made to pander to practitioners of bestiality. While undoubtedly there are those out there who purchase our products with that in mind, it is not why we created this product line, and we do not in any way condone or encourage the practice.

Many of our customers are fans of dog or pony play; having a wide variety of lifecast canine and equine toys allows them to make their fantasies come to life in a way that can't be done with other products on the market. Most of our customers, however, aren't necessarily into any specific kink or fetish. They're just looking for something a bit different form the "normal",? everyday dildos that are just variations on the human penis. While this market is growing every day with new fantasy dildo companies springing up all the time, we are proud to be the only company bringing you the incredibly unique animal lifecasts that are our most popular product line.