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Mission Statement

Exotic-Erotics specializes in high quality silicone adult novelties. We are the only adult toy company making live cast products. These are high quality castings of live animals, which means that our toys are the most realistic adult novelties on the market. Whether you are looking to fulfill a fantasy or are simply wanting a more intense experience than many other companies can offer, you've come to the right place. In addition to our live-cast toys, we have a line of sculpted animal toys. Whether hand sculpted or 3D printed, we have striven to make the most realistic products possible. All of our animal sculpts are heavily researched, and then fine-tuned to make them as pleasurable as possible while maintaining a stunning amount of realism. And if you're looking for something even more exotic, check out our fantasy line. From anthro horses to werewolves, we've got something to satisfy everyone and every hole.

Each Exotic-Erotics novelty is custom made for our consumers, meaning you get a toy personalized to your taste. Due to the huge variety of options available for each toy, we do not keep stock on hand, so please keep this in mind when ordering and choosing your shipping option. If you need your toy by a certain date, it's a good idea to contact us first to make sure it's possible. We do our best to get each order out as quickly as possible, but there are always limitations to how fast a custom order can be produced.





Singe & Scorch, the Hellhounds


On a dark and lonely night, near a forgotten crossroads, the hair on the nape of your neck stands at attention as glowing eyes peer at you from the underbrush. Fear takes hold as the two shaggy hounds pad silently onto the hard-pack of the roadway. Your breath catches in your throat as they come alongside you, one to the left, the other to the right. Of course you wonder if you should run -- but relax! These hounds just want to play.

Available in two specialty colors, White Hot, shown on Scorch (left) and Lava Flow, modeled by Singe (right)


Color Options Price Change


Due to the popularity of our surprise options, as well as the increased time involved as we have mastered more complicated liquid pours, we are slightly increasing our prices on some of our options. Super Surprise is now $20 (formerly $15), and Deluxe Surprise is now $40 (formerly $30). Additionally, due to a lack of popularity, we have discontinued fluorescent yellow as a color option.


High Fantasy Expansion

    Now available! Orc Mini, Treant Mini, and Reptilian Mini, Large and XL!




New Lifecast Models!



The Double-Ended Remus is even more of the toy that you already love! At over 21 inches in length, even though it’s double-ended, there’s no end to the fun you can have with it! As a bonus, due to the large size, you’re able to order this toy with a different firmness level for each end!


Bernard adds another gentle giant to our line, a St.Bernard! While he’s big in some ways, you’ll find that he’s longer than Bartlebee but less girthy than Moose, meaning he fits perfectly between them (and maybe he’ll fit perfectly between something else!). The lovely color seen here is our new Doggy Style color, now available on all of our Canine Lifecasts. It’s a fade of Red-Blue Duo-tone and Violet-Brass Duo-tone that can be selected from the Primary Color dropdown. If you want a different base color as seen here, be sure to choose a Secondary Color!

**There was an error in the newsletter and initial post stating that Bernard was shorter than Bartlebee when in fact he is a little longer. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the error.**


Emu Egg



Introducing something completely different! The Emu Egg has a delightful bumpy texture all over and features a silicone retrieval loop to make things simple when playtime is over! Find out why 'laying an egg' doesn't have to be a bad thing!