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So let me tell you what, This thing is immense! If your buying this and thinking you're just going to stretch your way up to this in a few weeks think again. This horse cock is WIDE and depending on the firmness you select that thing will have VERY LITTLE give to it on the end that is supposed to go deep in and make you feel how an actual mare feels having their guts rearranged. This is the end all be all, this is bigger than Bad Dragon's Chance XL Flared, this is bigger than anything John Thomas Toys offers that isn't a butt plug and better yet none of those toys even come close to the TEXTURE that this beast has, so let me make sure you get this straight, This is not for everybody, this isn't even for the faint of heart; This dong, beast, horsecock or, monster cock; you decide if for the size kings, queens, and anyone who want to live their life having their insides scrapped into a pocket pussy by this thing. So beware of it, because their return policy is pretty cut an dry, open the plastic and usable for you or not they will not take it back. If you can use this however, saddle up because your about to be neighing like a mare.
Date Added: 07/27/2021 by James B.