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This toy is absolutely fantastic, and is my second toy I bought out of necessity after having the most difficult time with Murray. For anyone who is looking for a true beginner's toy, this is it. The knot is a more manageable size than Murray, and the shaft is slightly thicker as well, so it definitely suited my preferences.
The tip of the head isn't nearly as pronounced as Murray's is, so while you're thrusting and enjoying yourself, it doesn't "tickle" your insides as much but this is my preference.
I ordered my Bartlebee with a solid blood red color with a suction cup in the hardest firmness because that was all I could afford while having a practical toy that could stand on its own. Delivery was just as fast as when I ordered my Murray, as per usual with EE and other reviews here praising them. Exotic-Erotics never fails to impress with its excellent customer service.
So how was it?
Well, it was great. I honestly wished I could have ordered Bartlebee first over Murray. It was simply the easier life-cast toy to handle for a true beginner like I am because of the easier knot, even in the hardest firmness. Now, looking back, even though Bartlebee's knot and shaft are overall the better toy for me, I still highly recommend those who are looking to invest in a toy from Exotic-Erotics to invest just a bit more in their split firmness service for knotted toys, life-casted or not. The added "squish" to the toy will make the experience a lot easier, even for beginners. Again, I ordered my Bartlebee in the hardest firmness because I couldn't see in hindsight, and despite how much I praise it over Murray, it was still difficult because of the lack of "squish" the other firmnesses have.
However, the lovely knot and textures in the hardest firmness were great. It just takes a bit getting used to (and plenty of lube, I highly recommend buying EE's J-Lube in their catalog) and I would definitely recommend it over Murray any day if you're looking for something like I was a long time ago.
Date Added: 12/23/2021 by Joshua H.