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Elephant Medium


Let me just begin by saying: this thing is ENORMOUS. Since I was finally able to conquer EE's medium Orc, I got greedy and was up for attempting to tackle something even more challenging for my range, but when I pulled this monster out of the box I went "holy sh**". The head's almost the size of my fist! The design is incredible though, I've never seen anything like it. For a sculpted toy the shape and level of detail is beautiful, lots of little veins and texture in the base that make it feel lifelike. I got it in soft because I knew anything firmer would be impossible to use for me, and since this model's very top-heavy that means it doesn't stand on its own in soft, it likes to droop backwards and topple over if you try to stand it up without leaning it on something. But its girth feels so nice in the hand in soft that I can live with it.

As usual the artists did a great job with my guided surprise colors, I was surprised at first at how dark it looked in the bag, but then I got it into the light and saw it was packed with blue shimmer and subtle glowing spots on its dorsal side. I love how brightly the head glows too! Just overall a really great toy. The head's size might be too mighty for my body, but I'm up for the challenge!
Date Added: 07/28/2022 by Paloma T.