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Scorch the Hellhound Mini


Customer service was grand, and manufacturing time to ship was within a week.

Hard Firmness - Mini Scorch
Colours: Blood red shaft, black base
Anal user

Scorch was my first silicone toy, so I was bound to have made mistakes in my choices but was pleasantly surprised during my sessions with him. Quite a learning experience, allowing me to find my preferences.

I ordered him in a blood-red shaft and black base for that bestial aesthetic, and it came out to my satisfaction. The texture, along with the hard firmness, is stimulating with no cause of discomfort. My pour even has small yet well-defined papules that are nice to look at, even if not functional for my use.

I was not sure about the hard firmness, but it required it for the small calibre shaft. The firmness sadly makes the knot a challenge to conquer. Scorch’s head with his knobbly underside makes for quite the ride. Speaking of riding, Scorch wants to go where he wants and has a habit of turning. Thankfully, exotic-erotics’ suction cup is more than enough to keep him controllable.

Scorch, in my experience and opinion, is a recommendable introductory fantasy toy with canine flair.
Date Added: 08/30/2021 by Caleb H.