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Singe the Hellhound Small


Stunning work! This was my 4th Deluxe surprise toy from Exotic Erotics, and they always outdo themselves. Unlike other companies where you can expect a simple 2-3 color marble for their surprise options, if not just a solid color, EE always treats each surprise order with attention and creativity. None of them ever come out boring! They nailed my reference picture and it came out wonderful! It even had some base art and glitter. EE by far has the best surprises on the market. It’s a beautiful addition to my collection!

As for the toy in-use, I really like it. What you can expect with Singe is a toy with a long shaft and small, gentle knot. Keep in mind, the shape is a lot better for thrusting than knotting. The knot isn’t big enough to have that “popping in” sensation, but more of something for G-spot stimulation. I’ve found toys with this shape are generally hard to find in the fantasy toy market, more often than not they’re short with a wide knot, so I appreciate that Singe is a different option for those of us looking for a long-shaft, small-knot toy. I also appreciate that the base is large and easy to hold as small bases drive me insane.

Overall, I’d say it’s an excellent introductory toy for those interested in knotted toys, or an introduction to fantasy toys in general due to it’s small and thin shape! It’s also an excellent toy for those looking for longer-shaft toys, like me. :) I know toys of this shape aren’t particularly popular when it comes to fantasy toy users, so just be aware of what you’re getting into when purchasing. I would recommend Scorch for those looking for something that is able to truly knot.

Date Added: 09/15/2021 by Jennifer M.