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Scorch the Hellhound Large


Just upsized to this big boy from the medium size and oh boy was it worth it. First off the White Hot colors turned out beautifully. As I've come to learn, most knotted toys are too flimsy behind the knot to tie easily on the biggest boys so I fully recommend them in a hard firmness for easier entry. The upper portion of Scorch's shaft is fairly stimulating with possibly the funnest head I've used for teasing my hole. The best quality of this toy is the knot, while not the biggest toy I own it sure is the largest one I can use fully, and on my 3rd session no less, there's just something about the shape of this knot that despite the proportions with minimal work he goes in pretty readily with a good pounding.

Overall feels great and easy to use for the size with a bit of effort.
Date Added: 07/29/2020 by Christopher