[Size: MINI]
Came in a nice silky bag, I got the special Christmas UV coloration but despite not having a UV light the color is still a very nice cool white, suction cup seems very strong and gives some space to use the toy without worrying about the cup getting in the way. Knot is very sudden which is okay with a mini model though I would imagine larger sizes would be tough for even veterans, medium firmness seemed to be the perfect option for my taste, with the knot being firm but not so firm that it would hurt to use. Those who desire a thicker shaft might want to look to another model as before the knot there isn't too much width, but for those who enjoy that and or very sudden knots it might be the perfect model for you Suction cup as I said works great, you get a little extra space before the toy starts so it makes it easier for the knot to be accessible, the mini would be great for beginners that may have not had a knotted toy before but have had toys before, the knot could very well be a challenge to those completely new to fantasy toys however, but it is satisfying when it's in Id say its quite unique among similar toys, with its knot being so sudden it stands alone in models I've seen, it likely isn't for everyone but even those who aren't traditionally a fan might want to give it a shot just for the fun of it Overall a pretty solid toy, for those who love more sudden challenging knots this may be for them
Date Added: 12/27/2022 by Jesse G.