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Can't praise this cock enough. I purchased the new large size in hard firmness with a suction cup base. This isn't my largest dildo, but the hard firmness paired with its large size more than makes up for it being slightly smaller, I say slightly smaller but this is the largest canine I have that I can actually bottom out on, and it has totally ruined me on my other dildoes. The size is perfect, the hard firmness lets me feel every inch. Normally I can take my time with a session, but not with this guy. Once he's in my body goes on autopilot and I lose myself to the pleasure. Can't stress the perfection of the new size enough, in hard firmness I feel all the length as I ride and the girthy knot settles perfectly against my prostate. By far the best canine dildo on the market hands down.
Date Added: 11/18/2019 by Christopher