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Android Medium


Oh boy, where do I begin with this? Well, the search for a new toy really started when the Monster Thirst (tm) started hitting again a year or so ago. I'm very particular with my toys so it took a lot between the growing companies of "fantasy" toys to pick the right one. Given you're just about the only company who has more than one "cybernetic" styled toy, with sizes that I was exactly looking for, you won!

The design and build of the Android toy is simply sublime, in my honest opinion. The curve of the head is inviting while the fancy looking dips and notches bring on a challenge.. Thus brings me to the sizing.

While other people with their own toys in the making have "standard sizing", your sizing takes it to the next level. I was actually frightened at the sheer girth and weight of the toy when I blindly grabbed it out of the box! On paper, the dimensions didn't seem so intense, I thought to myself, "I'm a practicing size queen, I can handle that beast!".. Hah hah.. Yeah, well.. A tape measure and empty air do not do the imagination justice.

And I don't know whether it's the silicone you used, it’s coloring, or the mold itself that gives the Android this fine rough texture to certain areas of the toy but it feels amazing. The solidness of the toy itself is impressive, I feel like I can't break this thing even with putting my full force down (I’m quite the plus size person). I was also unsure if medium firmness was the way to go but turns out it was perfect.

In the end, I am incredibly grateful for the craftsmanship of my new bedside companion and will be pointing more Monster Loving Enthesis's your way if they’re looking for something new.
Date Added: 06/01/2021 by Liz R.