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Android Mini


Vaginal user here, in mini/soft.

One of my favorites in my collection. ❤️ First off, I have to thank Exotic Erotics for an extensive selection of robot-themed toys! There are so few on the market, so when I discovered EE’s collection of robot models, I just knew I had to have one. The Android’s design is gorgeous, I love all the detail packed into it. I seriously couldn’t ask for a better robot toy.

This was another deluxe surprise and EE went above and beyond my expectations, it totally matches the character I had based it on. It’s a great addition to my collection! The turnaround time was fast and the shipping was discreet, with the toy coming in a plain brown box with nothing that gives away its contents. The free storage bag is also a very nice and generous addition. :)

In use, WOW, I love it. The shape is fairly humanoid and straightforward, but where the toy really shines is it’s texture. It’s intense! You can really feel all the texture, especially the divots on the back of the shaft. This is a toy that really FEELS robotic, not just one that looks robotic visually, which I especially love about it. I reach for it when I want a straightforward thrusting toy, but with some intense texture.. Or am just in the mood for robots. :)

As mentioned in the toy’s listing, I definitely recommend getting it in SOFT - the texture on the back of the shaft is amazing, but I could see it becoming abrasive if it’s in any firmer silicone. Also, this toy is a little on the larger side. I own a mini, and the mini is more of a Smini. It’s a little larger than EE’s other “minis”, so be sure to read the dimensions carefully before purchasing.

I look forward to more releases from Exotic Erotics! They haven’t released a new sculpted model in many, many years (at least one that isn’t an April Fools toy), so I hope this means a new one is on the horizon. A new robot toy would be the dream. ❤️
Date Added: 09/15/2021 by Jennifer M.