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Android Mini


I?m happy to say this is actually my first toy ever! I already knew I wanted something robot themed so this shop was an easy pick. I was actually worried that the size I picked either wouldn?t do it for me or would be to painful (especially since I read a few reviews saying they wished they ordered it smaller) but that proved to be no issue as it was perfect and even if it wasn?t big enough, the ridges more than make up for it. I?m also glad I ordered it In a medium firmness, another issue I was concerned about. Had I ordered it to hard I know it would have hurt especially with the ridges and to soft I was worried it would snag (if that makes any sense) I do recommend medium firmness. The only issue I have is that it is easy for the fuzzies on the storage bag to get stuck but that?s just a result of the material, a small inconvenience especially when you?re in the moment horny but it?s whatever.

All in all I look forward to using this more <3
Date Added: 04/25/2019 by Destiny