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SubWoofer Mini


Note: I'm reviewing this as a loyal customer of another popular exotic silicone toy company with the letters B & D in their name, since MANY folks are looking for alternates but don't know where to go. I'm hoping this helps other toy enthusiasts on their quest for high quality options! :P

I've managed to collect several "models" that I enjoy from B & D, but they're quite expensive (of course their quality is amazing!) & the sizes are, well, on the large side. I'm a pretty small intersex guy who can't handle large toys. Unfortunately most B & D models aren't available in small enough sizes, & I specifically wanted to find a "knotted" toy for both anal & vaginal use.

That's where Exotic Erotics comes into play... Pun intended, lol. I searched the shop & almost cried with joy at the fantasy & scifi selection. Lo & behold, the Subwoofer appeared to be my DREAM toy! Both the mini & small sizes have perfect measurements for me. The design is based on a very "knotty" cyberwolf (badass art design btw!!) with a detailed circuitry pattern to complete the look. I ordered mine in the mini size just to make sure I knew how their measurements lined up IRL, with the full patina & suction cup, then waited...

My excitement & patience were all worthwhile in the end. As soon as that package arrived, you betcha I ripped it open immediately! I was immediately stunned at the quality of this toy - not only is the sizing PERFECT thanks to their site's realistic size tool & photos (cough... B & D should take note...) but the color & details are amazing in person!! The computer-chip circuit pattern is lightly textured & the coppery brown patina has a gorgeous shimmer in the light. I was very eager to try out my new toy & now that I've been playing with it for about 3 months I can finally give an honest opinion.

The very first time I used this toy, it automatically became my new favorite. The knot bulges out at just the right angle, the shaft is thick but tapers to a pointed tip, & the suction cup fits perfectly under the base. Seriously I highly recommend getting a suction cup because it REALLY stick wherever you put it, lol! Helpful for those private moments alone especially in the shower! I'm glad I picked mini because it's a perfect size for casual play for me personally - because of my intersex condition, the mini is the maximum size I can comfortably use. It's about the length of my entire hand (wrist to fingertips), 2 fingers wide at the shaft & 3 fingers wide at the knot. It's now my go-to toy that I keep in the handy storage bag Exotic Erotics included with my order, hidden carefully in my night stand away from prying eyes lol.

I think the average toy user would prefer the small size (if you want something more akin to a human penis) but the mini is great for teasing, gentle play sessions, or those inexperienced with knotted toys. This model is well suited for both anal & vaginal play, since the thick but short shaft gives a sensation of stretching/filling rather than deep penetration - many vagina-owners know that long toys won't hilt all the way!

I know this review is lengthy & perhaps TMI, but I hope my perspective helps other folks discover just one of the amazing options offered here! I'll definitely be back soon, either to get this bad boy in another size or to give a different model a shot! :)
Date Added: 09/24/2018 by Isaac