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SubWoofer Small


I got the subwoofer small with suction cup & regular [hard] firmness. As a first-time EE buyer, I was surprised that regular [hard] firmness still has a little flexibility and yield to it (which I appreciate), but it doesn't hurt to get the sample pack if you know exactly the rigidity you want.
The texture and detail blew me away -- it's gorgeous. It will take me a while to master that knot.

One star removed, because I got the added suction cup, but it's hardly suction-y. I've tried a number of surfaces to no avail, it won't hold for more than a few moments and none with movement. Not a dealbreaker for me, but I would've passed on the added feature for this particular toy.

[ed. note: Suction cups on Hard firmness toys take a little extra effort to stick securely. If you don't have the strength to force all the air out just by pushing the toy against a surface, here's a method that's easy and useful: ]
Date Added: 02/20/2019 by Ke