Got in a mini and medium firmness, pretty textbook horse toy, has some good textures with the head ring and various wrinkles, length wise isn't the longest but its not the specific toy you'd be looking at for length, on the other hand width is quite nice even in a mini size. I got mine in the special Christmas edition coloration [ed. note: Dicksicle color, December 2022] and it is quite nice, an ice white even though I do not have a UV light to get the most out of it. One true perk of the suction cup is there is some room between it and the base of the toy so getting the most out of it isn't too hard at all, which can be an issue for some other toys. Overall really quite good, for those looking for length this may not be the go to but the texture and width live up to the hype.
Date Added: 12/27/2022 by Jesse G.