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Werehorse Flared Medium


Medium firmness

Beautiful design, the horse half of the shaft alone feels amazing. The only issue with the design, is the lack of a suction cup option. As flexible as the shaft is and as much effort in my experience as it takes to get it all in, this toy would benefit greatly from having a more hands free design, at least in the larger sizes. The overall feel of the toy once inside is by far the most pleasurable experience ever, but unless your hole of choice is like tossing a hotdog down a hallway, this bad boy needs more stability. Wonderful and awesome toy, only 3 stars because of stability.

(ed. note: Unfortunately the shape of the base on the Werehorse is not compatible with our suction cup. We do offer a split firmness below the knot for improved stability.)
Date Added: 01/07/2019 by Christopher