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Werehorse Flared Small


Overall amazing toy, although I wouldn't recommend this for beginners despite the small size. That said, it won't take you long to warm up to taking the head. I do suggest getting him in soft rather than medium or higher, as the flare may be pretty uncomfortable if you ARE newer to anal play. If you're looking for a lot of texture then this won't be the toy for you, however the shape of the head with the flare and the very pronounced glans can make him good for P-spot stimulation.

The only way you can take the knot is if you can manage to squeeze him around the first bend of the sigmoid colon. He is long enough to reach that far, and this may be even easier in soft firmness, however I don't recommend trying with this flared model unless you're already used to taking thicker toys that deep! Unflared werehorse will be much easier in that regard!
Date Added: 10/05/2022 by Sean S.