Double-Dog Dare


TLDR: I'm in love with this toy. There's a few things to note but it's overall an amazing toy.

I ordered my Double Dog Dare in soft firmness with a custom 3 color marble.

You can definitely feel the texture of the toy while using it, and it feels great. The middle part feels little bit smoother than the cocks, but still has that wavy shape to give you a good grip on the toy while using it.
The knots are the perfect size for me, they feel amazing and stay in quite well when they pop inside.

I personally ordered this toy for all-the-way single-hole-use, and I absolutely love it. Though, the middle part of the toy can be quite floppy in soft firmness, the cocks are slightly firmer than the middle part.
If you're planning on using this toy with a partner, medium firmness (or maybe firm) might be your best choice. For double-pen soft might work best.

There is a very small seam that runs along the entire length of the toy (which can't be avoided with this type of toy), but I didn't notice it at all while using it. It's almost like it's not there. Exotic Erotics did an amazing job making this seam as small and smooth as possible. But be aware there are still a few small dips and ridges along the seam.
There is also going to be some small "imperfections" on one of the tips where the silicone is poured into the mold. But again, the artist did an amazing job in trimming and shaping the excess silicone that I almost didn't notice anything off about it. It's totally ignorable and doesn't take away from the toy or ruin it at all.

This is a great toy and I'm very happy with my decision to buy it. It's one of the better double-ended platinum-cured silicone toys I've found.
Date Added: 11/08/2021 by Jason E.