Wuffamute V2 XL


Wuffamute XL let me say this is an absolute must for knot lovers. When I first received the package I was a bit surprised at how lite the box was before opening it. To be honest I was a little discouraged thinking it was going to be smaller than what I was desiring. Even at the time of the reveal I was still not to sure about this toy. I actually thought about requesting a return for a refund. I gave it a couple days to think about. The main reason for the thoughts about returning were cost. It adds up quickly when you start adding customization and my finances have been tighter than I like. Torn between opening and not opening I said screw it im opening it. The toy is rather lite compared to some of my others. The quality is amazing as well as the details. I washed the toy and thought about giving it a try. Side note back story. I’m a bit of a size king and have been practicing for about 14 years as a hobby I guess you could say. No rhyme or rhythm just the excitement of stretching and going bigger is awesome. The anticipation was getting the best of me and I gave it a try and WOW!!! To my surprise this just became my new favorite toy hands down. The knot on this toy is absolutely amazing!! However this is not for the faint of heart. Because of the design, when that knot pops in there is no stopping it and it’s send another 2-3 inches in. It will send you into a space of some amazing sensation I haven’t felt in a while. My mind was completely blown. I’m not going to spoil it to much But let’s just say I didn’t want to stop. If you’re looking at this toy and your experienced enough to mount it BUY IT!!!! Overall I’m extremely pleased with this purchase. A couple things in my opinion I wish the overall length was 16” with a usable length of 14” only cause I really like that little extra depth definitely not a deal breaker just me being picky. Even so I’m still extremely happy. I really really hope to see EE one day making a XXL wuffamute V2 cause I’ll definitely be the first to buy one as I do want to go bigger. Maybe something in the range of 4.5” diameter knot with a few more inches in length and slightly thicker in the shaft some after the knot. I highly recommend if you order this toy in soft you will absolutely need to have a firm base or you will most definitely struggle getting that knot in. I’m a soft lover you can ride them harder. Mine is soft with split firmness hard base with suction cup and it’s perfect. The toy does not stand on its own but the suction cup helps it stay in place. This is my first EE toy and I plan to have many more. Thank you EE for an amazing product. I’m definitely looking forward to my next one!
Date Added: 01/18/2023 by Josh D.